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Ld go along with his charade He'd introduce her to his family escort her to their engagement party and then part as friends Until Grandy got it into her head to plan them a real weddi.

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Make Believe Bride

Conveniently Wed I do the bride and groom said without love they wed or so they thoughtAmber Oakland had loved her handsome boss from afar for months But what would a millionaire like.

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Bradley Ackerman ever see in a gal from the secretarial pool The answer came as uite a surprise he needed her to pose as his fianceeFor his grandmother's sake Bradley hoped Amber wou.

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    I needed a uick lighthearted read yesterday and this little romance was a great one for it It really makes me stop and think can love at first sight turn into true love and can a person truly know their soulmate after only briefly meeting them? Amber Oakland has these feelings for her millionaire boss Bradley Ackerman She works in an overn