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There can surely be no uestion as to the tremendous importance and paramount need for the prayerful preparation and effective presentation of the gospel message This is a matter of concern not only to the Church of God in general but to each Christian in particular To each believer comes the unmist.

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The Preacher and His Preaching

R reach His seriousness thoroughness energy and urgency are evident throughout this book As is the case with all of Mr Gibbs books much material is packed into this book and each chapter contains a wealth of helpful suggestions The illustrations of the various types of sermons are especially helpfu.

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Akably clear command of his Lord and Master Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature Mark 1615 With the object of aiding young Christians to fulfill this divinely given task this book has been written This books brings A P Gibb s encyclopedic knowledge of preaching within ou.

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    A true guide for those new and even a refresher for those who has been in ministry for any length of time

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    Wow What I thought was 'just' an introduction to Homiletics turned out to be a complete course in pulpit ministry Little wonder APGibbs excelled in ministry It glaring from the pages of this great work that Gibbs' life an

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