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Comprehend those other manuals You will get details on how to set up a spawning tank and how to encourage your shrimp pair to become romantically involved Instructions are included for constructing a larvae collector so that even if your shrimp are producing eggs within your reef tank system you can gather the babies without disturbing your auarium The larvae collector can even be used to collect larvae from other species too You'll learn about larval.

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How To Raise Train Your Peppermint Shrimp

Why struggle with a dry incomprehensible boring scientific manual when you can get a fun easy to read guide that's packed with all the information you'll need to successfully raise the saltwater auarium shrimp Lysmata wurdemanni in your home or classroom This book is loaded with all the details that other manuals leave to experience and it is written so that it can be understood even by individuals who lack the scientific background and vocabulary to.

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Reuirements from how to house them to how to feed them as well as descriptions of their various stages and behaviors There's even a troubleshooting chart to help you work through and eliminate problems before they get out of control And yes there IS a chapter on training your homegrown shrimp This new edition also includes expanded chapters on alternate methods of larval rearing raising other species of auarium invertebrates and commercial propagatio.