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Code Yo. After a lifetime of programming in declarative languages like C C and Java I find it difficult to switch into the functional programming mindset I suspect this is to do with my age than anything else I m particularly interested in how to build systems that effectively make use of modern multi core computers assuming that we ll soon have computers with hundreds of cores In spite of what some experts say I have grave doubts about our ability to reliably build such systems in the likes of Java yes there will some people who will be able to do it but how will the common or garden developer do itEnter functional programming Erlang has the ability to succeed with multi cores though I have my doubts about its efficiency it s great for network heavy applications but is it uite so great for compute intensive apps I m not convinced yet that functional programming Erlang excepted has the ability right now to build hugely scalable multi core apps but I think the potential is there and any developer putting the effort into becoming proficient at functional programming may be hugely rewarded in the futureGiven this hypothesis how to go about it Haskell has a reputation of being an extremely pure functional language It also has a reputation of being very hard to learn This is where Real World Haskell comes in If you study this book right to the end you ll have made the mindset switch Be warned though it has 650 pages and is heavy going Not because it s badly written on the contrary it s written very well It s because there s a huge amount of technical stuff to put over Recursion folds partial functions lambda functions typeclasses and monads anyone Write programs using recursion in Java etc and get used to stack overflows not the best way to write highly stable appsBack in the 1990s I went through another mindset switch from procedural thinking to object thinking I m finding this one harder After studying a couple of hundred pages and having studied Erlang previously I began to experience the mindset switch Unfortunately it was fragile one minute I was thinking functionally and the next back to declarative The real world intervened though and I had to stop the study so I slid back to declarative thinking Real soon now I m going to take another run at it Of all the Haskell books this is the one I ll use I ve found others either too simple or too academic for me this book is just right

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Real World Haskell

U Can B. Just working my way through this but it s such a well written book it s a joy to read

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Elieve. Useful book

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    After a lifetime of programming in declarative languages like C C and Java I find it difficult to switch into the functiona

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    Just working my way through this but it’s such a well written book it’s a joy to read

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    Useful book

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    This is one of the worst programming language books ever its almost useless

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    Great practical book