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Ritty Thought provoking and emotionally involving Brilliant So Many Books So Little Time So Many Books So Little Time We laughed and we cried but MAN were we not expecting the explosive conclusion Sugarscape Sugarscape A powerful novel but Clarke uses enough humour to make sure that it s never relentlessly bleak The Bookbag Bookbag A searing story of love revenge and betrayal U magazine U magazine Simply put Undone is astounding It s just brilliant Writing from the Tu.

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An emotional page turner Teen Now magazine Teen Now magazine Perfect and heart breaking at the same time A brilliant read Overflowing Library Overflowing Library Most definitely her best novel yet Serendipity Reviews Serendipity Reviews An utterly gripping tale and rips into those dark places inside us all where revenge blooms and I defy you not to gasp and be jolted out of your seat as you read it Sister Spooky Sister Spooky Undone is what contemporary YA should be g.

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B Writing from the Tub Ce texte fait r f rence l dition BrochJem Halliday is in love with her gay best friend Not exactly ideal but she s learning to live with it Then the unspeakable happens Kai is outed online and he kills himself Jem knows nothing she can say or do will bring him back But she wants to know who was responsible And she wants to take them down A searing story of love revenge and betrayal from a bestselling author Ce texte fait r f rence l dition Broch.