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00 years The result is a fresh and compelling Bible translation with a timeless uality that's trustworthy and true That's why the ESV sounds like the Bible with the kind of beauty clarity and dignity that we love to hear and read That's also why the ESV retains the Bible's rich imagery and theological words words like grace and. I wish this had been out longer It s such a great idea This bible has no verses section headings notes in the margins cross references and no commentary It does however have chapter numbers in the margin to assist with reference The cover is beautifully designed The binding is simple while being a beautiful design also If you re looking to get your bible reading fired up this is the way to do itThe pages are thin however if they made them thicker the Bible would be very thickI ve gotten lost in it so many times all in all this is an excellent way to read the Bible I would recommend this to anyone

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ESV Hear the Word Audio Bible: The Bible for Life

Would you believe it took nearly 500 years to translate the ESV English Standard Version Bible That's because the ESV builds on the great translations of the past including William Tyndale's New Testament of 1526 and the King James Version KJV of 1611 But the ESV Bible also builds on the best Christian scholarship of the last 1. Overall audio is good However as a Bible it is not organized correctly The table of contents is organized by Chapter The table of contents needs to be organized based on book name as well as verse subcategories All bibles are organized this way Also when I clicked on a specific Chapter the audio did not correspond to the chapter selected It seemed random I m not sure how to reuest a refund for this digital download but right now this is not a useful bible resource as well as it does not really work

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Justification and salvation that are essential to our faith The result is a Bible that conveys the timeless uality of God's Word and that remains trustworthy and true to the original words breathed out by God As Moses wrote than 3000 years ago the words of God are your very life and by this word you shall live Deuteronomy 3247. Buy it I know you probably have a shelf full of bibles but not until you read a bible without all those annoying numerical punctuations will you realise that the bible is in fact a book A book with a beginning a middle and a conclusion not a book of references and sound bitesThe bible wasn t written with verse numbers was it some scheming villain who implanted them Verses are great for referencing but an impediment to understanding the broader context of each book and appreciating the bible as a whole single document written by GodI had trouble buying my first verse less bible ordering it from USA Now available in UK I ve bought these as gifts for friends who have never experienced the bible as a readable book like thisWhat are you s

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    The Reader's edition is intended to remove the extraneous material, and just focus on the words of the Bible is similar formatting to a novel. For the predominant sections where they do that, it is amazing! I find myself being drawn in, and reading longer. However, about a third of the Reader's edition does not follow this format, but foll

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    Overall audio is good. However, as a Bible, it is not organized correctly. The table of contents is organized by "Chapter". The tabl

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    This is GREAT. The absence of verses helps to read things in CONTEXT and that is SO important. Too many theologies are based on verses taken out of context. Reading this version, for the first time, I see that Matthew 5 7, the “Sermon on the Mount” is all about PRAYER. It’s about our attitude, our relatio

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    This reformats the excellent ESV translation in a book like narrative (without the mamby pamby retranslating like the Mess

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    I wish this had been out longer. It's such a great idea! This bible has no verses, section headings, notes in the margins, cross references, and no commentary. It does, however have chapter numbers in the margin to assist with reference. The

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    I'm sure I can ignore the verse numbers they're very small, after all. That was my thought before taking the plunge and buying this edition. Having dipped into it and read at length, I would say it is a really good idea and a refreshing way to read the Bible. The page headers tell you where exactly you are and there are d

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    There is some bleed through in this edition, but not much. Chapters are indicated at the top of the page but not in the text, making for a natural sense of reading a book, but of course no cross references etc. Type is dark and sized well for us reading glasses generation, yet it's still compact enough to hold comfortably. The summer garden cover is very, very pretty. There's no cardboard sleeve as for the cloth bound Reader's Bible. I ac

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    Who would believe that simply removing the verse numbers and setting out the text like a modern novel/poetry book would provide such an enjoyable Bible reading experience? Yet it is. Crossway have provided Bible readers (and those who desire to read the Bible but are put off by it's traditional format) with an engaging book which constantly calls to the reader to pick up and dip in.

    The shape of the Bible, font s

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    Buy it. I know you probably have a shelf full of bibles, but not until you read a bible without all those annoying numerical punctu

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    I was really excited when this arrived.

    I read the preface and there was a spelling mistake.
    I have had a quick flip through, and there are spelling mistakes littered throughout the text itself.

    e.g.: according to this Bible, 'Saul clothed David with his armor [sic]'.
    Indeed, the press seems to have been very short on 'u's, as they are often missing.

    The idea of having a Bible that reads like