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The RainFurrest Annual Charity Anthology was created to celebrate and showcase the literary aspect of the anthropomorphics fandom as well as to raise funds for charity Features the following storiesFox Confessor Brings The Flood by Wilford B WolfThe Lady’s Service by Renee Carter.

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A Menagerie of Heroes

S by Yannarra CheenaThe Black Fang’s Bite by Ocean TigroxA Guard’s Tale by Tarl “Voice” HochBond of Spirit by Anor Roc WildheartIn the Days of the Witch ueens by Donald Jacob UitvlugtFeaturing art by Tim Weeks Cadmiumtea Markel Soikes Kelly Tsvahl Ben Butler and cover by Jan.

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HallPlaying the Hero by Billy Bob ButlerCome The Storm by Tony GreyfoxThe Pendant of Westbriar Swamp by SkunkbombThe Dragon Tax by Madison KellerThe Monster’s Story by Amy FontaineTatch’s Tale by Garret “Hunter” BiggerstaffThe Princess and the Dragon by Kandrel FoxTiny Hoove.

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    I feel it's a bit unfair to review the whole thing since I was a contributor and editor for the book I will say however that this one is on par with Furtual Horizons in terms of both uality and creativity The stories in it run the gamut of the heroic journey from light to dark and some of them rather humorousMy personal favorites of

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    A really solid anthology that kept me reading but did unfortunately suffer from a lack of thorough editing Despite some extra words incorrect word usage missing apostrophes and in one case inconsistent character names the stories were all engaging and entertaining In almost all instances it was easy to forgive the spattering of errors and fully embed in the taleA few were rougher than others but most were solid fun stories featuri