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Eign chart shashtimashagenerel well being chart Report5 BhavaHouse tables bhava chalit chakra chandramoon kundli sun based upagrahas Bhinna ashtak varga for all planets Freindly and Enemy planets report Sudarshan chakra Planets Karakas Planetary Avasthas Planetraty conjuctions Aspects Shani sade sati Entry and Exit points and timeline Shadbala of planets for you Report6 Planetary positions with there ZodiacRashi and Degrees with nakshatra and nakshatra lord with directretro dignity report Cusps report HousePlanets Significators strength Jaimini charts and kundli Vimshottari Dasha Mahadasha Report PratyantarAntar dasha period Tribhagi Dasha Yogini Dash.

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Your Personalized Horoscope and Astrology 50 page Report with Chart

Lacement of planets in Nakshatra Impact of lord of Impact of Planets in Your lagna its Houses Impact of planets in signs Report3 Mahadasha Period Strength of planets Avkahada Chakra GhatakMalefics Favourable Points Charts Lagna Kundali Birth Chart Report4 NavamshaMarriagespouse chart HORAWealth Chart Drekkanasiblings chart ChaturthamshaLuck Chart Sapthamamshachildren chart Dashamamshaprofessionalcareer chart Dwadashamamsha parents chart Shodashamshavehicles chart vimshamshaReligious inclination chart chaturvimshamshaeducation chart saptavimshamshastrength chart Trimshasmshamisfortune chart khavedamshaAuspicious Results chart Akshvedamshageneral well b.

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This Horoscope details is the complete forecast of your Lifetime based on your Birth Chart Analysis Read the Book on how to get the complete Horoscope report Get Personal Astrology and Horoscope ReportIts an Detail Horoscope Detail of 50 pages Report1Detailed Predictions Planetary Yogas report Result of Planetary Aspects General in details Predictions Nakshatra Predictions Predictions on Basis of Planet position Prediction Based of BhavasHouses Report2 Predictions include Your specific characteristics Prime mental ualities General state of health Education Profession Wealth Inheritance Marriage Married Life Impact of your birth nakshatra Family Life P.

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