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Summary A Scandalous Mistress

A Scandalous Mistress

Place to launch her niece into the tonBut scandal followed Amelie and unwittinglyshe falsely confessed to an intimate relationshipwi.

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Th Nicholas Lord Elyot heir to the Maruessof Sheen Enchanted and intrigued Nicholas wasuick to take every advantage of the situation. The Fever King (Feverwake, of the situation.

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A move to Richmond was the fresh startLady Amelie Chester needed to escape the rumorssurrounding her husband's death And what better.

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    Me pareciĆ³ bastante entretenido

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    The first book in the Ladies of Paradise Road I read Dishonor and Desire first and it was so good I wanted to read the be

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    The writing was good but extremely boring There were only a few chapters or scenes I actually enjoyed and it never really had me excited or wanting to know what happened next I'm not even sure how I finished reading it in the first place I didn't feel a true connection between the characters nor any chemistry and didn't like a lot of the main characters so I will definitely not be reading number two

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