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She meets handsome Dr Jared Matthews that she feels the first glimmer of hope A burned out widower Jared thinks he has nothing but heartache to offer Still he can’t desert her.

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What the Heart Knows

Kathleen Somers needs something to believe in again Rocked by her husband’s death and her once loving son’s transformation she’s drifted away from her faith It’s not until.

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When the situation with her son became too much As he reaches out to Kathleen Jared finally sees what a relationship can be But only if Kathleen has the courage to follow her hear.

3 thoughts on “What the Heart Knows

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    The main character Kathleen calls the male main character Jared a good father and he's lousy His son was teasing his daughter and when she tried to defend herself both children were chastised for making noise The real issue was never addressed

  2. says:

    Pretty meh until 100 pages in when things picked up

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    3 12 Stars

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