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Aristotle Ethica Eudemia

BLWith new text and full apparatus criticusThe Eudemian Ethics was one of two ethical treatises which Aristotle wrote on the subject of ethica or matters to do with character Although the two works cover much the same ground the Nicomachean Ethics is better known the poor manuscript tradition of the Eudemian Ethics has made correct translation and interpretation of the text extremely difficult The subject of the work is.

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Ked and revised by his friend and colleague R R Walzer who was aided in the revision by his former pupil Mrs Jean Mingay who continued his work after his death in Mrs Mingay was fortunate in being able to make use of previously unpublished contributions from D J Allan after his death in the late seventies andrecently has been helped in her work by the suggestions of Professor D A Russell David Robinson and Christopher Ro.

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The choice of a certain means of conduct made by a man of practical wisdom phronimos between two extremes of behaviour asceticism and yielding to uncontrolled impulses Aristotle also stresses the notion of moral intention and the importance of virtue of character This new Oxford Classical Text of the Eudemian Ethics is the result of many years of work After Sir David Ross s death his original text was substantially rewor.

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