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Robert Ellis a former Army nurse makes a legitimate claim that he spent time with the former strong man of Ira Saddam Hussein than any other American For 8 months in his deployment at Camp Cropper near Baghdad Robert was responsible for the health and well being of the Army s high value detainees depicted on the infamous deck.

SUMMARY Caring for Victor

Caring for Victor

Bert s own life including two sad journeys he made back to St Louis to deal with family deaths first his mother and then his brother Robert also covers his dealings with some of the other high value detainees including Chemical Ali and presents an exclusive look at the everyday life of a soldier during the US occupation of Ir.


Of cards showing Ira s Most Wanted In particular he was charged with keeping the deposed Irai dictator known by his code name Victor not only alive but well Caring for Victor presents the story of the author's experience and complicated relationship with Saddam and how that experience developed and was shaped by events in Ro.

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    It was an interesting story and I learned a lot from the first hand experience The writing style was a little simple and I think the story needed a little structure Worth a read for people interested in this period of Irai history

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    This was an interesting enough story and Ellis clearly tried to stick as close to the facts as possible but I didn't think it was as polished as it could have been If I had been Ellis's co writer I would have edited out all the I sti

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    Interesting book but kinda icky how this guy bonds and develops a relationship with Saddam

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