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Some people ARE illegalLobizonas do NOT existBoth of these statements are falseManuela Azul has been crammed into an existence that feels too small for her As an undocumented immigrant who's on the run from her father's Argentine crime family Manu is confined to a small apartment and a small life in Miami FloridaUntil Manu's protective bubble is shatteredHer surrog. This released today August 4th 2020 4 12 stars and I keep waffling back between four and five but please do know I m absolutely obsessed Lobizona follows Manu an undocumented immigrant confined to her home both by ICE and by her starry eyes When her life at home falls apart she escapes to the magical world of Kerana where she is still regardless of appearances wrongManu lives at first with her mother and family friend Perla In Garber s Argentinian mythology seventh sons become werewolves lobizones while seventh daughters become witches brujas Here women are brujas while men are lobizones Manu however just as she has found a place where her eyes do not define her discovers that as a hybrid her existence is a crime that even here in the first place where she is not an immigrant she is still considered illegalThis book feels deeply vivid From the harsh opening on danger constantly feels real present Manu is at first hiding and next a fish out of water but at all times a fascinating narrator When she escapes ICE to a new world we root for her wellbeing hoping for magical solutions When it is revealed that even here her entire existence is illegal to the powers that be it is genuinely crushing Seeing her come into her own though is deeply satisfying It helps that her relationships with other characters all hold different weights in the narrative Saysa Catalina and Tiago have a wonderful suad dynamic with Manu but still all feel like distinct characters Saysa was my favorite Catalina though is probably the one I find most interesting in any other book she could be a popular girl trope but here she s nuanced developed and fun to root for She also has a full character arc something missing for side characters in a lot of YA fantasy The unfolding mystery of the fate of Manu s father Fierro is excellent The dynamic between Manu Perla and her mother is also resonant There s a particular scene where Manu almost goes home to Perla and Perla tells her that she may make her own choices just as her mother did I appreciated that the narrative is both deeply sympathetic to Manu s mother and allows Manu to make her own choices And the scene made me tear up a bitI try to avoid reading other reviews before writing my own but I really liked what Adri said about this book in their review she comes to represent everyone who s ever wrongfully been limited or boxed into labels that don t fit simply because it s convenient for everyone else I feel the story is about how if we let ideas traditions and laws matter than actual people we are creating a world that confines us we are drawing a border between what is and what could be Language and societal norms don t exist in a vacuum They are not stagnant they re things we engage with create and shape for ourselves It s not a perfect novel at times the first half is fairly slow Some metaphors didn t totally work The romance felt a bit by the book at first there s a romantic competition plot line that though resolved in a creative way I really liked it definitely takes over the dynamic between Tiago and Manu But this book went so hard and I am so excited for This is an excellent blend of magical realism and contemporary fantasy focusing on binaries and the space between them I m excited for This comes out on August 4th I hope you ll love it as much as I didBlog Youtube Twitter Instagram Spotify About

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Lobizona Wolves of No World #1

Ate grandmother is attacked lifelong lies are exposed and her mother is arrested by ICE Without a home without answers and finally without shackles Manu investigates the only clue she has about her past a mysterious Z emblem which leads her to a secret world buried within our own A world connected to her dead father and his criminal past A world straight out of Arg. Hearing that Lobizona was an Argentinian werewolf story was enough to convince me I d love this book Sadly it turned out to be a weak contemporary and an even weaker fantasy Sometimes reality strays so far from what s rational that we can only explain it through fantasy What is this book about Manu and her mother are undocumented immigrants Running from their father s life of crime in Argentina led them to the confinement of a cramped apartment in Miami Florida Manu is unable to leave the apartment seeing as her pupils are shaped as stars and her eyes shine a vibrant yellow When her mother is arrested and taken to a detention center to be deported Manu narrowly escapes finding herself caught up in a world of werewolves and witches her only hope of uncovering her past and saving her mother In terms of the fantasy aspect nothing of note takes place until a third into the book Before then all we hear is constant descriptions of Manu s bizarre eyes I found myself undeniably disappointed with the way the chosen one plot unfolded It was frustrating and boring to read about Manu perfecting anything magic related on her first tryLove triangles don t typically bother me and neither did the one in Lobizona I didn t care for the characters meaning Manu s love life was of little concern to me The insta love and miscommunication was painful thoughIt took me about 200 pages to start enjoying Lobizona even mildly which says a lot Within the first couple of chapters clusters of cultural references were being listed and repeated without explanation making it hard for me to absorb the story Paragraphs of dialogue were freuently included without english translation which left me a non latino reader feeling stranded Having to stop and translate whole chunks of dialogue throughout the entire book took away from my reading experience largely It was unfortunate that the cultural aspect felt so forced to me whereas in stories like Furia I was able to experience and appreciate the Argentinian culture with ease The thing I did like about Lobizona was the challenging of gender roles and conversations surrounding misogyny and sexism The women in this novel never hesitated to speak up and think for themselves which I appreciate

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Entine folklore where the seventh consecutive daughter is born a bruja and the seventh consecutive son is a lobizón a werewolf A world where her unusual eyes allow her to belongAs Manu uncovers her own story and traces her real heritage all the way back to a cursed city in Argentina she learns it's not just her US residency that's illegal it's her entire existence. um excuse me why aren t people screaming about thisalso this is set in my home state so huzzah

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    ✧ find this review others on my blog ✧The beginning of “Lobizona” is nightmarishManuela Azul’s life is laden with eggshells and she

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    The horrors Perla left behind when she came to this country darken her glassy gaze and I realize she never got away No matter how many borders we cross we can't seem to outrun the fear of not feeling safe in our own houseI think it's fair to note that while this is definitely YA fantasy it reads like contemporary fiction sprinkled w

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    This released today August 4th 2020 4 12 stars and I keep waffling back between four and five but please do know I'm absolutely obsessed  Lobizona follows Manu an undocumented immigrant confined to her home both by ICE and by her starry eyes When her life at home falls apart she escapes to the magical world o

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    Hearing that Lobizona was an Argentinian werewolf story was enough to convince me I’d love this book Sadly it turned out to be a weak contemporary and an even weaker fantasy “Sometimes reality strays so far from what’s rational that we

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    Argentinian lore werewolves and witches futbol fighting gender roles identity belonging Other and the plight of the undocumented this was wonderful Concept ★★★★★First 50 pages ★★PlotPacing ★★★★Enjoyment ★★★★★Manu is an undocumented Argentinian immigrant living in secret in Miami with her mother Manu's life is a double edged sword of secrets—on the one hand Manu and her mother are in the USA and in hiding f

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    “If you’re undocumented you’re unwritten Embrace that”“You’re saying if no one’s told my story before I get to tell it the way I want?”“Exactly” 842020 If you're a fan of Argentinian werewolves elemental witches and alternate dimensions you're in LUCK bc this book just dropped today 🌙⭐️⭐️⭐️✨ 35 stars Steeped in South American mythology a defiant challenge of sexism and misogyny exploring the struggles fa

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    Ten Reasons Why You Should Read Lobizona by Romina Garber by Carolina this blog post completely blew me away and made me so excited for this Blog | Instagram | Youtube | Ko fi | Spotify | Twitch

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    7212020 updateLOBIZONA IS ONLY 2 WEEKS AWAYIf you have yet to see the sheer gorgeousness that is the hardcover I recommend visiting my Twitter or IG pages to check it out Wednesday Books absolutely SLAYED ITIf you'd like your copy PERSONALIZED please place your PREORDER with my amazing local indie bookstore Books Books I will pick out a uot

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    um excuse me why aren't people screaming about this??also this is set in my home state so huzzah

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    This sounds like an important beautiful story and this coverI'm so excited to check this one outThank you Wednesday Books for my ARC I appreciate it so very much