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From his extraordinary family history to his childhood as a budding Aussie Rules footballer in suburban Melbourne From the legendary Gatting ball to his history making 700th Test wicket From the controversy surrounding the diuretic pill in South Africa to his high profile relationship with Hollywood star Elizabeth Hurley Nothing is off limits and Shane tackles it all with his trademark directness and humourThese days an incisive ch. content of the book too much emphasis on his early life and family boring

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No Spin AUTHOR Shane Warne, Mark Nicholas

Everyone knows the story or thinks they do The leg spinner who rewrote the record books One of Wisdens five cricketers of the twentieth century A sporting idol across the globe A magnet for the tabloids But the millions of words written and spoken about Shane Warne since his explosive arrival on the Test cricket scene in 1992 have only scratched the surface The real story has remained untold In No Spin Shane sets the record straight. Disappointing book Hard to read and poorly set out Some interesting stories However poorly written

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Arismatic TV commentator and analyst the Sultan of Spin also lets us in on the mysterious art of leg spin bowling revealing the secrets of some of his deadliest deliveries As Shane says Few batsmen if any truly know what I doA sporting great a celebrity a family man and a self confessed regular Aussie bloke from the suburbs in No Spin Shane offers a compelling insight into how a boy from Black Rock changed the face of cricket foreve. No spins definitely nothing left out He talks openly about his life on and off the 22 yards of greenery he calls work His many scrapes with the ACB and

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    I was really looking forward to this and so I’m very disappointed. It’s very self aggrandizing (which I expected given the subject) but he l

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    Disappointing book. Hard to read and poorly set out. Some interesting stories. However poorly written.

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    Pretty solid warts and all take of a legend well presented by Mark Nicholas and Warnie.

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    content of the book too much emphasis on his early life and family boring

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    Gets boring

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    This is what called Autobiography must read!

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    Half way through so far and this is a great book for those who grew up watching cricket of his era. Ever wondere

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    No spins definitely nothing left out. He talks openly about his life, on and off the 22 yards of greenery he calls work. His many scrapes with the ACB and authority, he comes over as a man who sticks with his own beliefs

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    I grew up when the Aussies routinely handed us horrendous as* whoopings, as a result I had plenty of disdain for our great rivals.
    But never for this guy, Always loved to watch him and thought he was cool, aside from Curtly Ambrose he is hands down my favourite bowler ever!I
    This is a great read, his opinio

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    Poorly written, jumping between topics with no discernible logic. From about halfway through it felt like reading Alan Partridge repeatedly claiming ‘needless to say, I had the last laugh.’

    The amount of time given to his tenure at the top of the game for Australia is minimal, and most of his cricketing life is done wi

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    I enjoyed reading this book but I'm only giving it 4 stars mainly because I did tire of Shane going on about what a party animal he was. Shane Warne is very much his own man, and I must admit to having a soft spot for him as I live in Hampshire and he was a big part of our county team for several years. He's made mistakes, he openly admits it and the effect it had on his children. But in the end he was always there fo

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    Great read for all cricket and non cricket fans. Told as it was through the eyes of the man at the centre of the cricket world for over a decade. How to and how not to handle publicity,, how it can work for you and give you access to your hero's. Shane tells it how it was and how he made mistakes but learned from them, and is now much wiser for it. How one ball changed his life forever. Difficult to put down.