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¡Sí Ella Puede

Figure for social and political change but her crucial contributions and commanding presence have often been overshadowed by those of Chvez and other leaders in the Chicanao movement In this new study Stacey K Sowards closely examines Huerta's rhetorical skills both in and out of the public eye and defines Huerta's vital place within Chicanao historyReferencing the theoretical works of Pierre Bourdieu Chela Sandoval Glo.

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Since the 1950s Latina activist Dolores Huerta has been a fervent leader and organizer in the struggle for farmworkers' rights within the Latinao community A cofounder of the United Farm Workers union in the 1960s alongside Csar Chvez Huerta was a union vice president for nearly four decades before starting her own foundation in the early 2000s She continues to act as a dynamic speaker passionate lobbyist and dedicated.

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Ria Anzalda and others Sowards closely analyzes Huerta's speeches letters and interviews She shows how Huerta navigates the complex intersections of race ethnicity gender language and class through the myriad challenges faced by women activists of color Sowards's approach to studying Huerta's rhetorical influence offers a uniue perspective for understanding the transformative relationship between agency and social justi.

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    I really enjoyed this book It is well written scholarly and clear Not only is it a thoroughly researched book it is an important contribution to rhetorical scholarship

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    I really enjoyed this book If you are looking for a standard biography on Dolores Huerta this is not it It is so an analysis on what makes an icon and how she became one It’s also an understanding of how Huerta uses her rhetorical agency as a woman of color leading and important movement in the the 60’s It is very insightful honest and it painted Huerta in a way that I think that many Mexican American women can relate with It

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    Dolores Huerta is a major figure of the Sixties social justice movements who tends to get lost in the shadow of her compadre Cesar Chavez Sowa

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