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Miserable life She calls for the aid of someone close to her to make sure she gets her revenge She’s out for blood and will stop at nothing until she sees Adonis and Venus dead Will Adonis and Venus’s relationship survive this ultimate test of love and loyalty Will they find their missing child or will it be too late Will Kay Kay’s choice about her pregnancy cause friction in her and Loco’s relationship Can Venus overcome her pain and anger or is murder the answer With her mind set on killing Adonis will it be hard for Venus to get past the hate and find the love that she has for him Find out the answers to these uestions and in Adonis and Venus A DC Love Story the finale ?.

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Adonis Venus 3

Of how Loco will react to her decision she avoids him until one day he shows up unexpectedly at her door wanting answers Loco loves her and supports whatever decision she makes but a night of good fun could turn their lives around forever Harrison Maxwell Beandion or Beans usually stays behind the scene and does his work on his own but the kidnapping of Serene brings him out of the dark shadows and into the light There’s a side to Beans that not even Adonis knows He finds out that Beans is much than a behind the scenes type of guy and the only things that will bring his dark side out is messing with his family Alexia is seeking revenge on Adonis and Venus She blames them for her.

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Synopsis The kidnapping of Adonis and Venus’s newborn daughter Serene drives a wedge in their relationship While Venus masks her pain with anger Adonis feels the need to hide his pain internally Venus thinks the kidnapping has something to do with his street life and blames him What she doesn’t know is he blames himself as well Venus realizes that lashing out on everybody is hurting the ones she loves especially Adonis As Adonis takes every measure to find their missing daughter it seems like the kidnapper is always one step ahead of him Kay Kay struggled with the decision of whether to have her child or not Finally she made a choice and wants Loco to support her decision Unsure.

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    CaptivatingI absolutely loved this love story I'm thrilled Adonis became the man Lavellewas raising unbeknownst to himselfI so glad Venus fel

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    I’m glad everyone finally got peace revenge Alexia aka Rauel is a selfish manipulative chick The drama revenge betrayal was real in this series Great book

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    I love it I really love reading these books it took me 2 days to finish all three books I cried I laugh I love the romance party

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