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Jorge Semprun

The Spanish Communist exile and Francophone Holocaust writer Jorge Semprun 1923 is a major contributor to contemporary debates on the politics and ethics of remembering the Franco era Communism and the Holocaust in French Spanish and broader European contexts His sophisticated literary.

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Ichly intertextual corpus which weaves together history fiction and autobiothanatography and gives voice to the traumatic experiences of geographical and political exile and concentration camp internment Ursula Tidd is Senior Lecturer in French Studies at the University of Manchester U.

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Testimonies have become landmark texts not least for their commitment to represent the lived experience of history In this first detailed study in English of Jorge Semprun's writing Ursula Tidd shows how Semprun explores the parameters of self writing as an address to the other in a r.

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About the Author: Ursula Tidd

Ursula Tidd is Senior Lecturer in French at the University of Manchester

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